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We are not your typical wedding school, course, or academy.

We have taken over a decade of running a successful international wedding planning business and wrapping it all up for you. We have cut out the fluffy BS from 20 years ago. Forget the cookie-cutter way of doing things and level up your wedding business with epic workflows, templates, systems, and processes that will help you on your way to booking clients.

You can't teach what you don't know, right?

That is why our training has been created by a real Wedding Planner for... Wedding Planners...

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For Wedding Planners...

Let's be honest, Wedding Planning is a big deal. When I started my business Elizabeth Jean Weddings over a decade ago, Wedding Planners were not really a thing. No one taught me what step 1,2,3 was, I didn't even know how to present my ideas to a client, I mean what do you even charge? I was totally winging it. It took a shi* ton of grit, determination, time and strength to build a successful international Wedding Planning business and I am excited to share ALL of this with you.

It is time to get serious, it is time to level up your dream and your Wedding Planning business and create a profitable and sustainable business. 
This is the most comprehensive course of its kind and designed to fit into New Zealand and Australian market, because let's face it, you can't teach what you don't know, right?

Are you ready to level up your Wedding Planning business or start a totally new and epic career?

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For Wedding Business Owners...

Are you a wedding business owner who has drive, passion and determination but just do not know what step to take? Are you ready to level up your business and stand out but just don't know how?
Are you ready for total accountability and to be guided by a real-life mentor, Wedding Planner and business owner? It doesn't matter if you have been in business for 6 months or 6 years. It is time to get your MOJO back and reignite your motivation.
We have designed this mentoring program to give you the confidence and clarity that you need to start to make real changes, and actions to start to see results. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, we get the business of weddings and we know how successful you can be. We are all about cutting out the airy-fairy BS of the '6 figure income' stuff and giving you real, honest content and goal setting.

Are you ready to make real changes in your wedding business today?

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"If you are thinking about studying with the Wedding Training Hub.. sign up now! I am forever grateful that I came across this course and met Lizzy. The course is suitable for everyone - I started the course while already working in the industry and gained so much from it. Lizzy shares some of the most valuable tips and tricks from her own experience as a Wedding Planner, and I believe these are essential to become successful. Thanks again x"
- Brooke

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! That mentor session was exactly what I needed to gain confidence in my ideas and methods and it gave me action points and achievable goals that will guide and motivate me to actually make them happen. Lizzy is relatable and easy to talk to and has all the knowledge and advice to get you back on the right track. I've walked away from just one single mentor session with so many more ideas, so much more confidence and a whole heap more enthusiasm to get out there and grow the business I'm dreaming of."
- Jodie M

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Want to join in on the goods?

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