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Legal Terms and Conditions and Agreement of Use.

This is your agreement with Wedding Training Hub Limited.

Here at the Wedding Training Hub, we take our business values, branding, content and educational training values very seriously. The Wedding Training Hub Limited has been created to be the most up to date and modern online training platform. Founded on years of experience, the content of our courses is structured around real-life industry experiences and scenarios.

We believe our education strategies and values enhance the quality of the delivery of your course content. Throughout your journey with us, you will be effectively supported, and we will be actively involved in your learning journey and educational achievement.

When making an online purchase to any of our offerings, courses, signing up as a student, mentoring programs, masterminds, workshops, or downloads you agree to abide by the conditions of use, confidentiality, and terms of use set out below.

When purchasing a digital or physical item from the WEDDING TRAINING HUB website you agree to: 

The below agreement will outline our brand values that you as a learner/student/purchaser will need to acknowledge:

  1. To access our online content, you will require a laptop or computer, an email address, and an internet connection to access the course material that we provide.

  2. The content copyright and intellectual property contained in our online courses or blogs remain the property of the Wedding Training Hub Limited and will not be reproduced or replicated in any way. The course content, articles, or assessments may not be reproduced in any way.

  3. Your personal data is gathered as a form of communication and will not be used or given to any third party without your consent.

  4. It will be your responsibility to keep a copy of your own submitted assessments. We discuss this during your first assessment with recommendations – this will be the platform used in creating your personal portfolio of work.

  5. The downloadable templates are for you to keep and use and to help build your professional portfolio.

  6. Our courses do not offer a lifetime login or access. Extension fees may incur but please discuss this with our team.

  7. It is your responsibility to inform the Wedding Training Hub of any personal details that may change in a timely manner or impacts that may limit your ability to complete your course.

  8. You agree to the payment schedules outlined in your payment plan/invoice.

  9. Fees must be paid as per the payment plan choice or payment plan that is agreed upon in writing. For the payment plan, learners' payments must be made following an invoice that will be produced and sent to you.

  10. We will hold any student learning account or login details as well as notify credit agencies if applicable.

  11. Our course content is for personal use only and is not to be copied or rewritten in any way. It remains the intellectual property of the Wedding Training Hub Limited. If we believe the course material is being used outside of our online training platform, we reserve the right to hold your user login until further notice or restrict your access to our online platform.

  12. No part of the content is to be recreated, copied, or passed on to another third party or recreated or produced. We take copyright seriously.

  13. Due to the digital nature of our courses and offers, we do NOT offer any return or refund policy. Please invest with care.

  14. Your username and login details are specific to you. Your login details are not to be shared with or given to anyone else during or after your course commencement. We reserve the right to suspend or change your login details at any time. We also reserve the right to generate a report on your login access location/times/activity.

  15. If your course exceeds the allocated time given, an extension can be made – admin fees may occur.

  16. The Wedding Training Hub will provide your assessment feedback via email communication within 5 working days of your assessment submission Any adjustments with this time will be communicated to you.

  17. The Wedding Training Hub will issue your certificate of completion once you have completed your course material and assessment requirements as outlined in your course material and we are happy with your knowledge and progress

  18. Severance - Should any of these terms or any part of them be held to be invalid, such term or part of it at Wedding Training Hubs sole discretion be severed without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

  19. Our mentorship program/session where possible will be via an online platform such as Zoom or via a video/phone call.

  20. The Wedding Training Hub may update course material, add resources or adjust content as we see fit – all the latest material will be provided to you and you will be notified via email and on our platform dashboard.

  21. The Wedding Training Hub does not give legal or financial advice and it is in your best interest to seek professional advice. Our content is to be used as a guide and based on opinions and industry experience. 

  22. The Wedding Training Hub will be closed during the public holidays and over the Christmas and New Year period. This will not affect your studies or your access to the online learning platform. We will inform you prior to this time.

  23. By acknowledging, you agree to the above terms and conditions and that you have read, understood and agree to the above outlined. A user profile will be granted once payment confirmation has been received and within 48 hours during business hours.

  24. Any comments, disputes, omissions or issues need to be directed to

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