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Social Media Content Kit

Social Media Content Kit

Level up your socials with your very own Social Media Content Kit - designed for the wedding industry.


Does the task of keeping up with social media for your business sound super overwhelming and draining - and you haven't even posted anything?


I am speaking from experience, the pressure of being consistent on social media gives me the instant ick. So, I have made a super detailed and EASY (yup, easy!) social media content kit that is taking out all of the brain power, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm when it comes to showing up on socials.


This kit was designed to be used for your wedding business and takes out the guesswork. Simply copy, paste, fill in the blanks, and customize to suit your business type.


Over 21 pages you will get:

100 Hooks

100 CTA's

90 Days of Content Ideas for Your Wedding Business

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