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Working with clients
  • Working with clients

    There are no two ways about it, our clients are everything and it is time to level up and offer the most amazing and flawless customer service.


    This training has been split into 3 super epic client-related topics over 40 pages and a massive 10,000 words.


    • Working with clients - what to expect

    • Client consultations - everything you need to know from the first time a potential client reaches out to a client meeting.

    • Project management like a boss and working with others.


    This ebook covers 3 crucial components when it comes to our customer service. From the initial point of contact through to the client consultation stage. We cover presenting service proposals and finish with project management and collaborating with others in the wedding industry - because remember, you are only as good as your team.


    Bonus: A link to a gorgeous client service proposal template that you can customize.


    Who is this for? Wedding industry business owners who are ready to level up when it comes to working with clients.


    How long will this training take me? This is a self-paced learning ebook style of education created by over a decade of industry experience and we are excited to have you join us!


    How do I access this training? Once you make an online purchase we will deliver the download workbook to your email.

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