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20 FREE Social media prompts for your Wedding Business!

Creating social media posts and captions can feel like a nightmare, let's be honest! Just type into Google 'Social Media Post for my Wedding Business' and HELLO a million confusing ideas (clearly from people who are not in the industry).

Do you constantly feel like you are looking for ideas and come up blank?

Do you constantly feel like you are posting and ghosting?

Do you get stuck for an idea and scroll your phone gallery for an image to use?

I hear you! I have been there and I know the struggle. Sometimes you feel like you are working more for the Gram than on your actual product or service.


Do not worry, I completely get the overwhelmed feeling which is why we have created these 20 plus social media content prompts to help you.

Let me ask you, what would happen if you used even 3-4 of these prompts a week?

Before we jump in, I am going to let you in on a secret (well to be fair it's no secret but sounds kinda cool). I use the free version on the app PREVIEW for all my post creations. There are a ton out there such as Later or Planoly that also work fab (and for free!).

Free posting prompts:

  1. Share 3 myths about your role

  2. Tell us 3 hacks or tips

  3. Share 3 interesting industry facts

  4. Share 3 reasons why you LOVE your job (split these into 3 separate posts)

  5. Share a client review or testimonial (got more than one? Hello extra content!)

  6. Share your favourite quote (Canva has some great templates for you and they are FREE!)

  7. Share 2 do's and don'ts of a topic you totally master

  8. What is your best wedding planning hack?

  9. What is your best wedding day tip?

  10. What is your best piece of advice from your expert niche? (this could be posing tips if you are a photographer, floral tips, ordering tips or advice)

  11. Introduce yourself - give us 3-5 fun or quirky facts that may surprise people

  12. Answer a FAQ about your role (you could split this into at least 5 different posts with one FAQ per post and HELLO additional content)

  13. Share your favourite tool

  14. What are your most used items when running your business?

  15. Share an inside tutorial or how-to video

  16. Share what you offer (product or service)

  17. Share a 'flashback Thursday' of a past wedding/client or event

  18. Thank your audience

  19. Share a piece of recent news or a project in the pipeline

  20. Share how or why you got started in your role

You can easily reuse these ideas over again and is one of the most effective time savers when it comes to the wide world of social sharing. I am excited to see what you come up with and feel free to tag the Wedding Training Hub so we can help share the love on a topic that you love!

Lizzy Waterson x

Want more inspiration? Check us out on our social media over on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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