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Nicole from Weddings by Paris - Part Two - Industry Expert Interview

Welcome to Part Two of our 'Industry Expert Interview' with the super talented Melbourne based Wedding Stylist, Nicole from Weddings by Paris. We had so much to ask her, so we have given you two exciting blogs. If you didn't get a chance to read her first interview we have linked it here for you.

We spoke to Nicole about the business side of being a Wedding Stylist as well as advice, education and what really inspires her to produce amazing masterpiece events for her clients.


What have been some of the biggest challenges with starting up your business - Weddings by Paris?

Financials and marketing 100%. I tried to tackle financials all on my own from the start and quickly learnt that this was not going to work! Outsourcing the jobs that aren't making you money or that are taking your time away from making money is one of the most important things you could do in a small business. The only problem with that is as a small business who has the money to outsource things right? It's a tricky situation but eventually you find your way. If I could change one thing I would have spent more time really coming up with a strategy and plan around my marketing and taking it a bit more serious than what I did. So many things you learn after just a few years of owning a small business.


What are some of your favorite and most exciting achievements?

Being featured on Style Me Pretty, and for my first ever styled shoot I put it together all on my own. I will never forget that moment when I opened that email! My favorite moments are all the styled shoots I've put together or been apart of. They are a chance to get to work with some great people you've met along the way. People who eventually become friends. The whole day is literally you hanging out with friends taking pictures and playing with pretty things... I mean seriously!

What would be your advice for industry newcomers?

Offer your help! That's how I got lucky and started this whole journey. I was reaching out to so many wedding planners and stylists to give them a hand on weekends and I was even offering my time for free as I knew how beneficial it would have been to get my foot in the door. I got so many no's but I kept going till I got a response from Weddings of Desire who even paid me from the first day! You offer one Saturday to a wedding supplier and you could potentially meet 5 other ones that are working on the wedding! When would you ever get the opportunity to grow your network that quick! Oh and work hard! Because there will always be someone who works harder than you and they'll probably be the ones that succeed quicker!


In your opinion what are the most important skills to cultivate if you want to be a creative in this industry?

You need to be open to change! Working in such a visual industry. Trends change from season to season, there will be different styles to adapt to and while you want to have your own style as a stylist you will still need to be relevant or even better setting trends, so to be open to new ideas and to not do the same old boring thing, will be a great way for you to keep moving the business forward.


What inspires or motivates you?

Learning! I love learning and if I'm still learning on the job then I'm happy!


Facebook - @weddingsbyparisxx

Instagram @weddingsbyparis


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