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THREE tips to help you run your wedding business a little easier

If someone had told me years ago that there were some super simple ways that would help make things in my wedding business run just a little easier I would have been one happy girl with probably 6 hours per week extra up my sleeve.

We get that time is precious, time is money and time is something that can fly by in the blink of an eye. So we are sharing with you three easy-to-implement techniques that can help you be more productive in your business (even if you do just one of these I promise it will make a difference ?!).

Working from home

ONE: Get rid of distractions.

Seriously how simple is this? You know when you get in the zone, you are totally focused, you are motivated and you are excited, then BING goes your social media or mobile notifications.

And you know what? It turns out that it is just your bestie tagging you in one of those funny cat memes on Facebook?

Turning off my notifications took me a long time to get on board with but boy I tell you, it is one of the best and easiest tricks to help you minimize distractions while you are knee-deep in your work time.

TWO: Create email templates.

Yup again super easy. If you are answering the same thing over and over again or you have a similar email body for a particular job then by all means create yourself a few templates.

For example, a Wedding Coordinator will email each wedding supplier (I am talking anywhere from 4-12 businesses) around 4-6 weeks before the wedding to introduce themselves and their role - a prime example of how you can use a template for this type of email (just change the supplier name of course). You can save these to a folder or Google Drive for easy access.

THREE: Batch your work.

Where you can throughout the week, create a few hours where you batch your work. This could be replying or sending emails in a 2-3 hour time slot. You can batch your social media content creation for anywhere from a week to a month in one go. Blog and website content writing can fall under the same banner. If similar tasks can get lumped together it will help you focus on that style of work and ultimately help you to become more productive.

And who doesn't like to be more productive?

Lizzy Waterson

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