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Top Study Tips

Studying online can have its upsides and of course a few downsides. Here we lift the lid on some of our top study tips to help you stay on your A-game and get the most out of your online training.

Set aside specific time

Yes you heard right, set aside allocated study time. Distraction free, kid free, TV free, social media free. We all know how easy it is to get distracted with the Instagram stories and the news feed scrolling. We recommend creating a list of goals at the start of each week. List everything that needs to be achieved, the non negotiable task (such as your part or full time job), things that are just nice to do and of course your study goals.

Create a motivational study space

Create a motivational space that gets you excited. By creating a dedicated study or work space, it allows you to be more focused (with less risk of distraction) and with that be more productive. Your study space does not have to be fancy, have all the bells and whistles or be completely kitted out in the latest trendy stationery and gadgets. It could be a desk in your spare room, small side table or great outdoor space.

Be realistic and take breaks

Whether you are studying online or running a business, you need to remember to be kind to yourself and set realistic goals. Healthy snacks, water and fresh air are some simple ways to help keep you focused. Taking breaks might sound easy but trust us they can quickly turn from a quick walk to the letterbox to an 8 hour coffee date kind of break - so we like to treat these with great discipline. Either way make sure you allocate your time accordingly and stick to present your goals.

Plan your day

Build a study plan. Break it down from annually through to monthly, weekly and detailed daily tasks. Create yourself a do to list and study calendar to help keep you on track. Set yourself time limits for each task and stick to your schedule.

Find your motivation

There will always be really super productive days and others will fall by the way side. Find out what motivates you and use it. From a simple framed quote in your study space to a soft moody beats playlist, a cute range of Kmart stationery packs or a positive and inspirational mood board.

Celebrate your wins

Be kind to yourself and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small they may seem.

Do you have a deadline you need to meet?

How will you pat yourself on the back for reaching your goals or deadlines?

It is important to recognize your achievements. No matter if you are studying part time, full time or on a casual basis you do need to be kind to yourself and still make time for things that you enjoy as well as important family time.

If you would love to hear about a particular topic feel free to drop us a line.


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