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Wild & Whim - Industry Expert Interview

On the Industry Expert blog this month we chat with Alina, the beauty behind Wild & Whim, a Tauranga based Wedding Planner, Stylist and Coordinator. We get an inside look into how she got started in business, how she manages working from home and what some of the most challenging and rewarding parts of her role. Over the years Alina has had her work featured on some of the most amazing and inspirational platforms and we were so happy to connect with this creative and talented industry professional. We met Alina back in 2017 where we got to see first hand, her creativity and super sophisticated style.

Coralee Stone Photography
Coralee Stone Photography

Alina, can you tell us a bit about Wild & Whim. How you got started, why you got into the industry and how you came up with your business name?

"Wild & Whim started three years ago, I had just got off working for a major cruise line as an Event Manager and wanted to do something different but in the same field. We worked with amazing wedding planners on our own wedding in Hawaii which sparked my passion for the wedding industry. I thought that my international experience would be valuable to events and weddings in New Zealand, plus I love timelines and problem solving is my niche. As for the name I wanted something a little bit quirky and I feel like my style can be quite different. You can have many elements to your wedding and it all can still work together cohesively."

How do you find your inspiration when it comes to creating beautiful celebrations?

"We love to pull inspiration from the couple! We want to know what they like, love and the characteristics of their relationship. What makes them exceptionally unique and therefore, in turn, we will produce something amazing. I also like to think of the smaller details- because details are so important!"

What has been some of your biggest challenges in business so far?

"Biggest Challenges would be knowing what we are worth, what my time is worth and valued at. As well as and having to turn away potential clients because it’s not the right fit. I love what I do so would happily do it for free but realise that’s not how to you run a successful business."

Bek Smith Photography
Bek Smith Photography

Working from home can have its pros and cons, so how do you keep a good work/life balance?

"I don’t! Plain and simple. I'm always working and constantly responding to emails at all hours of the night. My goal is to implement a better work-life balance and set aside work hours from my personal life. I’ve just hired an amazing new planner/stylist so she is helping with that work load."

What have been some of your most exciting wins in business to date?

"Booking my dream clients, and working alongside so many talented vendors that I have looked up to since I first started. And of course seeing the brand and name Wild&Whim growing and expanding."

If you could give someone wanting to get into the Wedding Industry a small piece of advice or words of wisdom, what would it be?

"Keep your head down and focus on your business and what you want to do with it, find your own personal style and not worry about all the others around you. Because comparison will drive you crazy."

Amy Teixeira Photography
Amy Teixeira Photography

What do you think is one of the essential things when planning a wedding?

"Being organized, making lists and checking them off, creating timelines, making sure budgets stay realistic, making sure everyone involved is partaking in their roles- you need all these fundamental elements to create a successful wedding."

What would be one of the most rewarding elements of your role?

"Happy couples are the most rewarding elements of my role now and always will be. Plus maintaining and building relationships with our couples and the vendors."

What can be some of the most challenging aspects of your role as a Wedding Planner?

"Honestly speaking when other family members get involved, but professionally speaking wet weather back up plans, and the pressure I put on myself to deliver the most amazing day for our couples!"

Do you have a favourite quote or moto?

“Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally and don’t take NO for an answer. “- Sophia Amoruso

“Be the girl who just went for it”


Follow Wild & Whim over on Instagram for more gorgeous inspiration.

Bek Smith Photography
Bek Smith Photography


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