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How to create FREE graphics for your business.

Blog writing and social media platforms are becoming an important element of our business each day. With the ever-changing algorithm, rules and guidelines on social media, we want you to stay on top of your game and stand out from the crowd. I am personally a huge fan of blog writing and Pinterest when it comes to adding value to your clients and customers.

So how DO you stand out from the crowd?

I am talking shouting from the rooftops, stopping traffic and getting your reader's attention?

I am so glad you are here, and I am darn stoked to show you some steps on how to start creating stand out pin-worthy graphics for your business. Firstly, let's be honest, we want people to share your content and easily pin it from our website or social media platforms.

We want to get our businesses seen! Am I right?

1. Firstly, if you are not on Canva (ahh it is free people!) go and grab yourself a free account.

2. We want to choose either a blog graphic (800 x 1200 px) or a Pinterest Pin (1000 x 1500 px) depending on what your graphic is for. If you are not sure right now simply save these dimensions and add them to a custom design later.

3. You will now want to upload an image that reflects your brand. You could also choose a solid colour or texture/pattern. Check out Unsplash for great, free images.

*little copyright disclosure here, you can not use another person images, serious! Make sure the image belongs to you or you have 100% copyright to use it.*

4. Add your text. Include your website or business, a hook or lead magnet and your blog or pin details (title). Again we come back to branding like a boss, make sure the font reflects your brand. If you are not sure what your brand is right now use a font that you love! Easy.

5. Save your image and adjust the image description for the best SEO optimization. Include the file name and alt text or description.

6. Lastly, go and upload your graphic to your blog, new pin on Pinterest or your social media platform (make sure you use the right image size here). Alternatively, once you upload your blog post, make sure you save this to Pinterest as a brand-new pin.

The beauty of this is that you can do it from the comfort of your computer or couch via your mobile. It is that easy. Remember that we want to direct our potential customers towards our blogs to give them the best value possible.

Seriously how easy is that?

For more inspiration and educational info, check out our previous blogs or follow us over on social media.

Happy graphic making! Peace out, Lizzy Waterson x


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