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A Guide to Postponing a Wedding

I am guessing that you and I have someone in common? We love weddings!

There is absolutely no doubt that over the last few months we have all been riding a double loop roller coaster. Despite our challenges we have truly banded together as an industry. I have grown an even bigger passion for what we do as wedding professionals.

One of the biggest challenges our industry has been facing is helping our clients re-plan, reschedule and re-design their wedding dreams. So, Lets cover some of the ways you can let guests know about a 'change of date' and what to expect.

When to help your client send a 'change the date'?

With the 2021 season fast approaching and our lock down levels changing, more and more couples are opting to choose a alternative wedding date. The biggest unknown factor has been the international travel rules that we will see change in the future. Before communicating any plan adjustments to guests it is important that you have been in contact with every single contracted supplier, large or small, no matter what their role or responsibility is. Ensure the postponing details will align with each businesses terms, conditions and that they all have a very clear understanding on the decision, even if there is no new date or details as yet.

1. As soon as there is a change in date, even if there is no new date, inform ALL guests.

2. There are a few ways to tackle this. Consider digital stationery such as email or digital cards. Printed email is great but may be held up in our current circumstance. Remember to consider that this can be a very emotional time for everyone involved.

3. If they couple need to cut back the guest list it is important to have this conversation with the invited guests. Most people are going to be completely understanding. A personal call is far better then a missed email (landing in junk). 

What to include when changing the wedding date or plans?

1. Any new information or plans. This could include dates, addresses, locations, travel information or new RSVP dates.

2. If postponing until an unknown date, that is fine but just kindly let people know.

Having to postpone or even cancel a wedding for anyone can be very traumatic. As industry professionals they will look to lean on our advice and guidance through this process. Remember that it is OK to make changes, especially when things are out of our hands as well as the couple. And more importantly is OK to feel excited about any new plans and that after all, this is one of the biggest moments of your clients lives!

Show up, be present in helping them and do not forget to shout out to us if you need guidance or helping working through this with your client.

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