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Want to know how to create a killer wedding day timeline?

Let's be honest, as a Wedding Planner I LOVE a good wedding day timeline and it is one of my most used and valuable tool during the wedding day. A wedding coordinator will swear by their timeline and is something they will have on hand, all day!

Here we are giving you our top tips when it comes to creating a killer timeline - something I swear by.

TIP ONE: Start your timeline as soon as possible.

This will help to reassure yourself (or your client) of the planning progress and can be used as a platform to fill in any planning gaps or details.

TIP TWO: Start with your key times.

Such as the main meal service or first dance. Work backwards from there.

TIP THREE: Create a master timeline.

Most vendors will have their own specific timeline (such as the Photographer). A Wedding Coordinator will collate all of this information and create a master timeline and supply to all of the suppliers.

TIP FOUR: Delegated tasks.

A timeline is the perfect place to allocate tasks and responsibilities during the wedding day. Ensure there is a specific start and finish time and of course get consent from the individual they are happy to commit to the task (especially if they are family or attending the wedding as a guest).

TIP FIVE: Have it on you at all times.

Chances are if you put it down you will either miss place it or be asked a specific question when you least expect it. Don't let it stray to far.

TIP SIX: To use a clip board or not? That is the question.

Find what works for you! Simply printing a copy and have in your pocket or bag works for me. It means I can rip off each page as I need.

TIP SEVEN: Include EVERYONE'S contact details.

And I mean everyone! Each supplier, even if they are not their on the actual day.

Do you have a passion for the wedding industry?

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